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Tennis Instruction Videos

Hilton Head Tennis- Tennis Instruction Videos

Tennis Instruction Videos

There is no substitute for taking a tennis lesson from a qualified tennis professional.  The Hilton Head area has many opportunities for world-class tennis instruction.  When you just don’t have the time or money for lessons, there are some pretty good videos online showing “how-to” tips and pointers for improving your game.  We discovered this by accident when we were looking for interesting material for our weekly newsletter, the Tennis E-News.  It has been one of our most popular regular features.   We decided we would start an archive of these videos here at the website. We will post our video of the week here on this page with links to our past videos organized by category.

Tennis Instruction Video of the Week

We have archived previous videos by category.  Find them at the following links:

General Tennis Instruction
Backhand Instruction
Doubles Strategy
Forehand Instruction
Overhead Instruction
Return of Serve Instruction
Serving Instruction
Singles Strategy
Volley Instruction
Just for Fun Tennis Videos

Looking for something in particular that you don’t find here?  Please let us know using the Comment form and we will try to find it for you!

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