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Hilton Head Loves Tennis E-News- December 9, 2014

Hilton Head Tennis- Hilton Head Loves Tennis now publishes the E NewsPreviously published by Dennis Malick and Tom Jilly
 Hilton Head, South Carolina

Issue 2
December 9, 2014

The Tennis E-News is a community tennis newsletter dedicated to promoting South Carolina tennis in the greater Hilton Head/Bluffton/Beaufort area.   The more we hear from you, the better it will become.  Let us know how we can improve it through comments or the Contact Us page. Thanks!

USTA League Adult 65’s Southern Section Championships

HHI teams made a great showing in Dothan, Alabama last weekend at the USTA Sectionals.  The 4.0 Women from Shipyard capped off the  weekend by winning their division.  Port Royal 4.0 men narrowly missed advancing after making it to the finals.  Congrat’s to all!

See the Final results here.

Thanks to Dennis Malick for tracking these results!

2015 USTA Spring League Tennis- Hilton Head Island

Teams are forming for play in the Spring USTA League which begins in February.  If you are forming a team and have not been sent a pre-registration form OR you would like to play on a team, please contact the coordinator below:

2015 Hilton Head USTA Spring League Tennis Coordinators

For a printable version, CLICK HERE.

Thanks to Mary Ellen Arboe for providing this information!

2015 USTA Adult Tennis Ratings

The 2015 USTA ratings have been posted.  For your convenience we have three of the districts here:

Hilton Head Player Ratings
CCTA Player Ratings
LCTA Player Ratings

Here is the link to the USTA site to find other area ratings.

Here is the link to find individual USTA player ratings.

3.5/4.0 Men’s 55 & Over Interclub Tennis Standings

The 55 & Over HHI Men’s Interclub teams will be moving into their fourth week of play. In the 3.5 division  there are still three undefeated teams. Talk about close, in the A flight you have to look at “games lost” to determine the leader between  the Spring Lake Mis-Hits and the Sun City Hot Shots!  In 4.0 play the Spring Lake Don’t Remember’s held on to their lead in the A-Flight and the “Ace Holes” from South Beach moved into the top spot in the B-Flight.   Thanks to Werner Sicvol and Brian Fatzinger for sending in the updates.

See the 3.5 Standings here.
See the 4.0 Standings here.

HHI Adult Team Tennis Results and Standings

The PD Y Knots and the South Beach Mixed Nuts swapped places in the standings this week, with the Rose Hill Ringers close on their heels.

See the HHI Adult Team Tennis Standings here

Beaufort County Junior Team Tennis Standings

Matches were played last week in the 18 U Intermediate Division.

See the standings here.

 CCTA Tri-Level Adult 18 & Over Standings

All divisions are now reporting results on the USTA website.

See Tri-Level Standings as of 12/08/2014  here.

2014 Hilton Head Fall 4.0+ Tennis Singles Ladder

Here are the current standings in the Men’s Fall Singles Ladder as of 12/8/2014:

  1. Ondrej Sekanina
  2. David Ruckno
  3. Dan Lieberman
  4. Tim Albert
  5. Nick Brittis
  6. Gabriel Formari
  7. Sam Wilburn
  8. David Meeder
  9. Bob Cooke
  10. Chris Castro

For more information about Hilton Head tennis ladders, click here.

Tennis News from the PTR

The PTR International Tennis Symposium is here on the island February 19 – 22 at the Sonesta Resort and Van der Meer Tennis Resort. We will keep you up to date with the events that are open to the public, including the Tennis Trade Show on February 20 and the PTR Tennis Championship Tournament February 18 – 21. Plan on cheering on our local pros as they compete with other pros from around the world.

Bluffton Tennis News

Coach Brown will be offering his holiday tennis camp at Bluffton High School after Christmas.  This is a “drop in” clinic for ages 5-18 which will be held from 9:00-11:00 am, December 29-31.  For more information on this popular clinic, click here.

Tennis News Around Town

Don’t forget to check out the Player’s World of Sports Grand Opening, tomorrow, December 10th at their new Shelter Cove Town Center location!

Hilton Head Loves Tennis Prize Drawing

Steve Keller was the lucky winner in our prize drawing this month.  He won a copy of  Rafa Nadal’s biography, “Rafa“.  Next month we will be giving away a copy of Nick Bollettieri’s book, “Changing the Game.”  Subscribe to our website and be eligible to win prizes in our future drawings!

Tennis News from the Family Circle Cup

Tickets are now available. We have always enjoyed the “Champions” ticket package which includes all the quarter, semi and finals matches on the last three days of the tournament.  For more information visit their website.

Improve Your Tennis Game

When someone hits a high floater to your backhand, what shot do you play? Here’s a video showing how to hit a backhand overhead like Federer! We tried this technique  and it seems to help as long as you keep your elbow pointing up before beginning the stroke- let us know what you think.

Favorite Tennis Quotes

In the  biography, “Rafa“, countryman and mentor Carlos Moya describes Nadal’s popularity, “The secret of the tremendous appeal he has worldwide is that you can see he is as passionate as McEnroe was, but he has the self-control of Borg, the cold-blooded killer.”

Tennis E-News Corrections

We will post our corrections to earlier issues of the E-News here every week.  With so many names, scores and results to cover, there are bound to be mistakes.  Don’t hesitate to let us know when we slip up!

Submit your news, suggestions and corrections here:

Disclaimer: Hilton Head Loves Tennis is dedicated to promoting tennis players, clubs, programs, businesses, charities, etc. in the Lowcountry.  We receive a small commission from some of our advertisers.   Your patronage of our advertisers is appreciated and helps us continue to improve this site. Thank you!

About the author: John and his wife, Janet, publish the Tennis E-News every Tuesday morning.

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